The  Zhang Li Dance Academy teaches diverse selections of traditional Chinese dance, folk, ballet, and dances from other countries.  There is a focus on foundation training and conditioning. She began her dance academy in the Kansas City area in 2005, and has been growing ever since.  The Academy is based in two locations Lee's Summit, Missouri and Shawnee Mission, Kansas.

Zhang Li (Ms. Lily) teaches and choreographs from various forms of traditional dynastic Chinese dances such as Han, Tang, Song, and Qing. Students learn traditional ballet fundamental techniques and folk dances from other countries like Mongolia, Tibet, India, and Spain. 

Beginning Level

Beginning Level

Intermediate Class

Advanced Class

Advanced Class

Individual Class

Individual Class

Taught by renowned teacher/ choreographer Ms. Lily Zhang Li Taylor, the academy seeks to share Chinese culture and knowledge with Kansas City families. The academy performs annually at cultural events such as the Chinese New Year Celebration at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art and the Kansas City Dragon Boat Festival. 

Class Descriptions

Beginning Class:

Beginning students learn some basic training and basic ballet positions and movement. Basic training is used for strength and flexibility.

Dances taught are usually related to animals or other natural things that the children can see every day and identify with, such as butterflies, bunnies and bees. These dances are also simple timing and movement for the students to become familiar with in relation to dancing.

This is the best class for children who have never had any formal dance training. 

Intermediate Class:

This level of classes includes additional basic training at a higher level for the students to learn better technique, physical stamina, and more movement such as spins, jumps, cartwheels and such.

This is also the starting level for learning Chinese traditional and folk dances, using items like a fan, umbrella and ribbons. Also the students learn additional synchronization with the music and some basic language usage.

Advanced Class:

At this level students still learn higher-level basic training and techniques, including more specific types of movement. Also they are taught to focus more on expressions and connecting with an audience.

The students start learning dances from the various dynasties as well as more cultural and folk type dances from different times in Chinese history.

Individual Class:

These classes are one on one with the instructor, or in some cases duets. These classes are more fit to each student’s strengths and abilities. Some may learn more difficult traditional and folk dances. There may also be modern dance, ballet or dances from other countries involved.

Each student gets specialized choreography created by the instructor, which will highlight the best aspects of the student’s capability. This builds additional confidence, better imaging, and overall bearing and behavior for the students.


For inquiries and more information about enrolling your child in the academy follow the contact link below.